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TradeEnablerTM, multi-currency accounts providing access to instant payments and currency exchange. It holds multiple accounts in various, freely selectable currencies including cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).


TradeEnabler can hold a whole wealth of different currencies and you make payments from- and receive payments into any of these accounts. Depending on the amounts and local regulatory requirements our core integrates with regulators’ agencies such as AUSTRAC in Australia. AUSTRAC is a financial intelligence agency and assumes regulatory responsibility for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. Similar authorities exist around the world and those agencies are responsible to maintain financial transparency and require financial institutions to implement certain basic controls like: Banks and financial service providers must know who their customers are (aka KYC ). Instant Payments
In order to complete an instant payment you simply enter the receiver's account alias or pick from a list of prior transactions, pick the currency and specify the amount and you are ready to go. Optionally you can attach an invoice or fill-in a memo to reference your payment.

When you are done and the payment is gone, share the payment receipts via Line, Messenger, Telegram or any other instant messaging service - nice and easy!

TradeEnabler holds and maintains all your account balances and gives you easy access to your past transactions and account statements.

As a multinational enterprise you can get access to all this information through our web service, which is clearly described in our github repositories . To manage your various accounts you can seamlessly transfer funds between your accounts.

TradeEnabler is combining a superior user experience with high level of privacy, anonymity, and security, while maintaining KYC and AML compliance.

Make direct person-to-person payment, pay invoices online, request or send payments by email, share completed payment receipts via Line, messenger, Telegram or any other instant messaging service.

Using TradeEnabler, like any other WinstantPay product is really easy!

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