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WinstantPay Applications

WinstantPay Applications

WinstantPay offers

1.) Instant exchange between digital currencies, including crypto and fiat currencies
2.) Instant global and local payments facilitated by various means, including QR codes, NFC and messaging
3.) Merchant solutions for accelerating sales, paying suppliers, receiving payments
4.) A Correspondent network of banks and financial institutions

Through our core system and network, we also help local institutions to complete traditional SWIFT, ACH, and FedWire payments.

The applications of WinstantPay are plentiful and we only scratch the surface here. We expect that the majority of applications will be third-party applications, such as white label wallets, P2P platforms of various types, insurances, point of sale systems, to name only a few. Besides the third party applications there are a few applications built by WinstantPay, which mostly belong to the WinstantPay Wallet family of products. The exception here for now is Leap2Shop, which is as the name indicates a webshop that is tightly connected to the WinstantPay electronic wallets. Electronic wallets are usually linked to a bank account and while this can be done with our wallets it is not a fixed requirement.
You can operate your wallet solely on the WinstantPay network (Winstant - Net), but also have the option to have a bank account with one of our affiliated or partner banks. Our electronic wallets are used through computers or smart mobile phones and tablets and can be extended with gadgets such as NFC wristbands and the like.

Privacy is important so pay any WinstantPay member instantly in any currency and anonymously, yet be fully KYC and AML compliant (without sharing personally identifiable information, or sensitive personal information with buyers, suppliers).

All members are registered through our WorldKYC™ ensuring compliance with the strictest AML (anti-money laundering) policies. The system will also filter cross-border reportable transactions and transmit reports via the standard interfaces of the banking industry to government agencies such as AUSTRAC, FINTRAC, etc.

Our Winstant Solutions

TradeEnabler TM
Multi Currency Accounts

Local WalletInstant Payments

Mobile POSFor Merchants

FI Suite For Financial Institutions