TSG and WinstantPay

Winstant - TSG

Winstant Limited is acquiring the technology and key employees of Trade Solutions Group (TSG) and additional complementing technologies.

TSG is a leading developer of intelligent global business banking solutions. The Company's solutions streamline the processing of international payment transactions and allow financial institutions to offer a full array of complex business payments and currency management solutions. In addition to providing a bank's business customers with the latest in online convenience, TSG's technology brings significant efficiencies to a bank's front, middle, and back-office.

The Company's solutions have been specifically developed to support straight through processing and enable financial institutions of all sizes to offer their corporate customers global business banking services, online or offline.

TSG management is driven to provide solutions that yield a significant return for its clients in the financial services community by leveraging its professionalism, experience, and creativity, in international banking and technology.

TSG's global banking product suite, TradeEnabler, allows banks to efficiently manage and provide international banking services both online and offline - profitably.

TradeEnabler streamlines front, middle and back-office processes related to trade finance, foreign exchange, cash management, and treasury functions. This product suite has been designed to be completely modular and customizable across bank operational and service lines in order to meet the need of virtually any size bank.

Forged from a common framework, the TradeEnabler consists of several modules so that financial institutions may utilize the components that meet their specific business needs. The software interface is designed so that it can be fully branded with each financial institution's look and feel. In addition, each module's internal settings may be configured to meet the financial institutions unique specifications.

Included in all transaction modules is a centralized interface for the management of customers, users, user limits, audit logging, customized reporting, spread and fees, and more. The product has been built upon financial industry data standards required for cross-system integration. Additionally, the product supports XML and Web-Service based communications.
Benefits delivered by TSG technologies
  • Expand Banking Services
  • Reduce Processing Costs
  • Eliminate Credit and Operational Risk
  • Engage in Electronic Outsourcing
  • Fastest Time to Market
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Offer Multilingual Services
  • Detailed Reporting and Audit Tracking
  • Perform Profitability Analysis
  • Compatible with Existing Front, Middle, and Back-End systems
  • Support Multiple Communication Channels
Past Milestones of Success
Developed SWIFTrade: World’s 1st Internet L/C and trade intranet system 85% Adoption, 30% Cost Savings.
Best Practice Business Banking Board, and Microsoft Case Study.
Built Top Ranked International Operation for Imperial Bank.
Grew Trade Finance Revenues By Over 700%.
Founded 4th Largest West Coast FX Trading Operation.
Recipient of the President E Award for excellence in export services.
Leaders with Industry Ties
  • IFSA Speaker on e-UCP and the technology impact of e-presentation
  • U.S. Speaker for APEC Committee on E-Commerce
  • Chair of Trade Product Services Management Committee for IFSA
  • Executive Counsel Association Of Banks In Cambodia
  • Official Trade Finance Instructor for FIBA and Florida International U.
Transition from TSG to WinstantPay
TSG was founded to provide trade facilitation and foreign currency exchange services. WinstantPay is globally positioned to bring on new talent and building new technology, mostly based on the existing core technology of TSG.
This is a well-thought-out deal, which will enhance the company's core strategy. This transition will give us privileged access to attractive new customers and channels. It will take us to clear leadership positions in our priority markets.

All existing customer will continue to use the TSG API and service end-points, just like before. Customers will be migrated once, the need for a technology refresh emerges.
We believe that our near future is all about execution of the strategy and plans outlined herein. It’s about prioritising and allocating the right resources to actions with predictably high payoff and success. WinstantPay we will be acquiring a substantial network of partnering financial institutions and correspondent banks.