Winstantpay Bucks Trend at Fintech Show Bangkok

Winstantpay Bucks Trend at Fintech Show Bangkok

Winstantpay CIO tells audience at Figure Finance Bangkok expo that their mission is to help those with no bank accounts as much as helping people who are trading finances already.

Herve Lacorne, Chief Innovation Officer of WinstantPay was invited by the top financial community leaders in Forex to speak about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and their impact on forex trading at the salubrious Hilton Millennium Hotel on the banks of the mighty Chao Praya River that meanders through Bangkok.

Afterwards many attendees, including myself, joined a smaller forum run by Herve to discuss networking opportunities and the benefits of Winstantpay Application.

Herve’s company WinstantPay presents a new mobile app that gives users much more control over their finances. Herve changed the tone of the expo when he told attendees that one of his main influences is the historical figure Chairman Mao Tse Tsung: “The strategy that Chairman Mao used to defeats his enemies was initially to not go for a direct assault against his big powerful enemies, but instead to go to all the surrounding communities and gather support first, bolstering his ranks and making a full frontal attack much more powerful and resulted in resounding success, so you would be foolish to ignore the ‘little people.’

So we as a company understand that there are close to 200 million people that do not have access to financial services because they do not have enough money to open a basic checking account, this does not mean that they do not understand finance, quite the opposite, they just want an entry into the world of investments and banking services, and we can offer a ‘way in’ for this demographic.

I, and our top executives, all have banking experience running banks, and later selling software to financial corporations, so we are very aware of how banks can discriminate without even trying, so we now want to address these ‘forgotten people’ and we believe in the WinstantPay app which is open to all people of all financial standings.

All you need is a smart phone, considering they are so affordable now anyone can download our application and start buying shares, commodities, gold, cryptocurrencies, have access to forex trading, send money to anyone instantly at the ‘final amount,’ and more importantly get paid wages to their applications on their phones. This opens the Internet to millions who could not access many things because they were denied before, such as online education and Investing, that all can lead to prosperity and a better life for everyone.”

A number of Network marketers were listening on, and a few told me afterwards how this will open up a new world to many on the microfinance level and they have all downloaded their free wallets from Winstantpay and they will be creating their own networks.

Winstantpay is in pre-launch stage and is finalizing many new features each day. One thing for sure is that the team behind WinstantPay is passionate and their product has caught on to a lot of people already, and we can only expect a massive ICO in a few years. This is definitely one to watch.

About WinstantPay
WinstantPay is a global payment network providing merchants and individuals a reasonably priced global final payment in an instant, in any currency, anywhere, anytime, with integrated anti-money laundering (AML) compliance that reduces time, costs, risks associated with payments. Serving financial institutions of all sizes for the last 18 years with financial services, software development, and business support, WinstantPay is also a founding member of WorldKYC-AML. For more information on how WinstantPay can deliver cutting edge business, visit our website and follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Github.