WinstantPay, World KYC and eMoney Solutions on a mission in Togo and Benin to promote financial inclusion to new potential partners

RE: WinstantPay, World KYC and eMoney Solutions on a mission in Togo and Benin to promote financial inclusion

After having signed a partnership agreement WinstantPay (, World KYC ( and eMoney Solutions ( organized a common mission in West Africa.

Hervé Lacorne and Gilles Klein representing WinstantPay and World KYC, Hervé Tairou and Martin Biaou representing eMoney Solutions met CEOs and representatives of banks and insurance companies to discuss supplying services in response to the needs and demands regarding financial inclusion of individuals and SMEs as well as trading companies in West Africa.

The conversations covered topics such as: digital transformation, innovation, updating of banks and companies, customer experience, purpose driven strategy, financial inclusion, result and performance, cooperation or competition and network of correspondent banks. The partners mainly introduced three products: wallet, KYC and network of correspondent banks. The CEOs and representatives expressed the wish to receive a quantified offer corresponding to the demands expressed. as soon as possible.

This mission concludes eight months of preparation work which enabled WinstantPay and World KYC to conclude a partnership with an African partner who is well established locally and to present our offer to several potential partners. We thank Martin Biaou for the quality of his work in preparing this mission with promising results.
About WinstantPay
WinstantPay was formed to provide a global network for instant settlement of payments in any currency, anywhere, and anytime. It has the power of SWIFT, Western Union, and Visa / Mastercard without the overhead and at lower fees, while still complying with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.
WinstantPay brings Fintech and the traditional banking system together, enabling every person to make and receive instant payments and remittance, in any currency, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Etherium (depending on local regulations).
Furthermore, WinstantPay enables small banks and financial institutions, such as foreign exchange (FX) brokers facing challenges in finding correspondent banks, to offer currency exchange and global payment services. visit our website and follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Medium, and Github.

About eMoney Solutions
eMoney Solutions is an African Fintech cooperation specialized in building and providing modern payment solutions. Through simple, secure and accessible solutions, eMoney’s solution aid the digitalization of payments to allow banks, telecom operators and merchants to increase the means of payment and to strengthen the financial inclusion of their customers.
eMoney’s solutions include agency banking, money transfer, bill payment and service purchase solutions to support the development of banks in Africa.