WinstantPay Announces Strategic Partnership

WinstantPay has integrated Leap2Shop (L2S) into their wallet, the aim is to enable smaller merchants with developing new markets and channels to sell their product with seamless payment and settlement through an online shop.

L2S is a “white-label” based merchant platform and shopping cart that will help the company reach out to over 2.53 billion Mobile Users by 2018, a market growing annually by about 6-7%.

A WinstantPay marketing executive said:
Engaging directly with customers can revolutionize your business. With the growth of mobile technology there comes a large increase in transaction volume from status updates to content downloads and collaboration.

Organizations that manage this increase in activity and data with a mobile-first approach can use the information to better serve their customers. With a good mobile enterprise app platform with extended design patterns and support features like push notifications and Quick Response (QR) codes, businesses will have more control over how customers engage with their system. Simultaneously, customers will benefit from a much more convenient and efficient mobile banking experience. With L2S, QR codes are particularly engaging...

From a marketing standpoint using QR codes from a mobile platform can open up many new doors for your business:

  • - Adding QR codes is another low cost marketing strategy to test inside of your business with very limited downside and HUGE upside potential.
  • - It is a great new way to introduce you to many new customers, more business and more exposure.

There are a number of benefits with using QR codes:
As a user, you get instant access to more information about a product, service or initiative directly from your mobile. You don’t have to type anything into your mobile, by just using the camera and scanning the QR code, all information stored in the QR code is available via your mobile phone. You can keep a digital archive of this information in your phone and go back at any time.

As a QR code publisher, a great benefit is that:

  • - You can provide more information to the user and you can keep this information up to date. Say for instance that you want to start a campaign where you provide daily discounts and offers depending on the number of engaged customers. Using a QR code in your printed advertising you can link users to a website that is updated daily based on the number of people who scan the QR code and go to the campaign website.
  • - You can get more insights into how your printed advertisement campaign is doing through rich analytics. You can measure the number of users and you can analyze their behavior once they come to your site.
  • - The technology is free to use, anyone can create a QR code and publish to desired media.

Recent industry experts tell us that by the year 2021, smartphone and tablet based shopping will make up 72.9% of the eCommerce market. In 2017, global retail online commerce reached a sizeable estimated $2.304 trillion. That represented a massive 24.8% growth over the same total for 2016. Of that figure, mobile commerce comprised over half, at 58.9%. Furthermore, since retail sales as a whole have increased, it means that the value of smartphone based shopping will also only continue to rise.”

WinstantPay is committed to bringing state of the art technology to merchants and consumers alike with their user friendly mobile app that makes it simple to send crypto currencies, commodities, and cash instantly around the world and at a fraction of the cost most traditional financial agencies traditionally charge.

About Leap2Shop
Leap2Shop (L2S) is an online merchant platform and shopping mall. L2S online mall extends digital floor space by allowing retailers to post goods and services in catalog. The L2S engine is supported by e-commerce transaction processing with easy to use process for compliance checking of customers and pay-in and pay-out of funds. L2S also offers bidding for preferred ad placement for online mall areas.

About WinstantPay
WinstantPay is a global payment network providing merchants and individuals a reasonably priced global final payment in an instant, in any currency, anywhere, anytime, with integrated anti-money laundering (AML) compliance that reduces time, costs, risks associated with payments. Serving financial institutions of all sizes for the last 18 years with financial services, software development, and business support, WinstantPay is also a founding member of WorldKYC-AML. For more information on how WinstantPay can deliver cutting edge business, visit our website and follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Github.