WinstantPay signs a memorandum of understanding with Fuzion Technologies Inc

WinstantPay signs a memorandum of understanding with Fuzion Technologies Inc

British Colombia, 27th November 2020: The Management of WinstantPay is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fuzion Technologies Inc:, a licensed Money Service Business based in Canada. The purpose of the MOU is to collaborate with Fuzion Technologies to expand the WinstantPay global payment network in Canada by offering WinstantPay partners the ability to settle Canadian dollars.

Our first step will be to integrate eTransferworld into the Winstantpay network in order to expand services into the Canadian market.

About Fuzion Technologies Inc
Fuzion Technologies Inc is a Canadian company that offers innovative solutions for fin-tech, payments and compliance. The team at Fuzion Technologies has more than 50 years experience in their field and offer services such as AML/KYC Compliance, Merchant payments, Global payments, Fin Tech/Reg Tech and Consulting and Advisory.

About WinstantPay
WinstantPay is a global payment network providing merchants and individuals a reasonably priced global final payment in an instant, in any currency, anywhere, anytime, with integrated anti-money laundering (AML) compliance that reduces time, cost and risks associated with payments. Serving financial institutions of all sizes for the last 20 years with financial services, software development, and business support, WinstantPay is also a founding member of WorldKYC-AML. Winstantpay provides innovative solutions such as the patent pending trusted key technology to help combat fraudulent transactions. The latest development in the suite of products from Winstantpay is the contact tracing app which provides the facility to protect customer’s health whilst also protecting their privacy, the motto being, ‘’your life is more important than your privacy - with our contact tracing you can have both’’.

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ROB GRANTHAM / Chief Executive Officer
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