CEO Breakfast Talk Series on FinTech on November 6th 2019, Fortuna Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam


Designed & Delivered for the CEO & CIO of the Future to anticipate global trends and opportunities to take your business forward

Fintech appeared in the global markets as a disruptor but is now being embraced as innovation and transformation in banking, e-commerce fulfilment and real estate markets across Asia. To help SBAV members and technology companies, we have designed this talk for you to get up to date on the latest global trends and technologies by Herve Lacorne, Chief Innovation Officer of Winstant Pay Ltd, who was invited to present to the APEC Trade Ministers Roundtable on Electronic Commerce by US government.

6 November 2019, Fortuna Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

Are you currently doing business in Vietnam and seeking innovation to expand your reach within financial technology and be equipped with a first mover advantage?

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Synopsis of the FinTech Breakfast Talk: Fintech has tremendous opportunities in Vietnam. Fintech companies in Vietnam currently focus on payment, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding. The rise of new fintech products and services put pressures on the traditional banking model. Mr Herve Lacorne will focus on convergence between Fintech and traditional banking emphasizing on compliance. With global insights, he will share on opportunities on fractional ownership in emerging countries that Vietnam entrepreneurs and policy makers can develop together.

Breakfast Guest Speaker:. Mr Herve Lacorne from USA is a thought leader within financial technology as well as a practitioner who has developed solutions to meet the needs of our disrupting financials market from global and regional experience having worked in Hong Kong, Cambodia and Thailand.

CEO Breakfast Talk Fees is VND 650k for SBAV members. Non-members Fee is VND 800k, including buffet breakfast ( starts at 7am ) RSVP: I Tel: 091 505 7768
Date: 6 November 2019 Time: 8.00 am Venue: Fortuna Hotel, 6B Lang Ha, Hanoi

About WinstantPay
WinstantPay is a global payment network providing merchants and individuals a reasonably priced global final payment in an instant, in any currency, anywhere, anytime, with integrated anti-money laundering (AML) compliance that reduces time, costs, risks associated with payments. Serving financial institutions of all sizes for the last 18 years with financial services, software development, and business support, WinstantPay is also a founding member of WorldKYC-AML. For more information on how WinstantPay can deliver cutting edge business, visit our website and follow us on Linkedin, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Medium, and Github.