WinstantPay in collaboration with Veritec Inc. has launched the beta version of BlinxPay Global


Minneapolis, USA 4th August 2020: The management of WinstantPay and Veritec Inc, are pleased to announce the release of the beta version of BlinxPay Global as a web application. The app provides US customers with the facility to remit funds from the US around the globe through the WinstantPay network. The app will be rolled out on IOS and Android in the coming weeks.

About Veritec (VRTC)
Veritec is a well established, listed company based in Minneapolis, USA. They specialise in their VeriCode® and VSCode™ Secure 2D Barcodes, Open or Closed Loop Secure Payment Systems, Mobile Banking Applications, Prepaid and Stored Value Cards, Bio-ID Cards, Product Marking and Tracking Systems and PhoneCodes™.

About WinstantPay
WinstantPay is a global payment network providing merchants and individuals a reasonably priced global final payment in an instant, in any currency, anywhere, anytime, with integrated anti-money laundering (AML) compliance that reduces time, cost and risks associated with payments. Serving financial institutions of all sizes for the last 20 years with financial services, software development, and business support, WinstantPay is also a founding member of WorldKYC-AML. WinstantPay provides innovative solutions such as the patent pending trusted key technology to help combat fraudulent transactions. The latest development in the suite of products from WinstantPay is the contact tracing app which provides the facility to protect customer’s health whilst also protecting their privacy.

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ROB GRANTHAM / Chief Executive Officer

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